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Strain Inspired Profiles

Strain Profile Terpene Blends are inspired by your favourite strains. Each strain profile was carefully selected and blended, to provide the same familiar scent, taste and effects of your ideal strains.

Take control of your high by selecting your desired expert blend of terpenes, for extra taste, smell and effects to boost your consumption experience. Use these products for oils, extracts and concentrates to boost your experience.

Premium Liquid Terpenes

CannTerp has sourced terpenes of the highest quality and they are perfect for mixing in with distillates, concentrates, oils and tinctures. We only use steam distilled 100% pure terpenes; they are organic, non-GMO and food grade.

Let us know if you'd like any guidance in selecting the right terpene blend or terpene isolate, we are happy to help or create a custom order for you!

Terpenes do not contain any THC, CBD, VG, PEG,  MCT or any other additives. 

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