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Your Quality Partner

Utilize CannTerp to support and empower your growth across different products, flavours and aromas, standing out to customers. 

GMP Manufactured

Licensed manufactured products are GMP manufactured according to: ISO 90001:2015 and FSCC 22000. The highest level of quality and safety in the industry, and third-party audited to ensure highest-level of safety standards.

Safety Tested

All of our products are tested for heavy metals, pesticides and residual solvents, and comply with the most comprehensive testing in the industry.

Product Quality

Our products are ultra-distilled from raw food-grade, botanically sourced materials and formulated in a state-of-the-art laboratory to ensure the highest quality for your customers. All products are analyzed for heavy metals, pesticides and residual solvents, to ensure the highest purity of terpenes.

Customer Service

Customer service is our top priority. We are happy to answer any questions, provide support, and ensure we provide the highest level of service throughout your terpene journey. 

100% Canadian Owned & Operated

 We are proud to be a female owned and operated Canadian terpene business. We advocate for supporting an inclusive industry.

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Comprehensive Catalogue

We have a comprehensive catalogue of hundreds of products and can create custom orders. These products include strain profiles, terpene isolates, unique flavours, desired effects, as well full-spectrum hemp live resin terpenes.

 Terpene Strain Profiles 

These are botanical terpenes, expertly identified and blended to create classic and exotic strain profiles. These are expertly blended through a mix of sensory analysis and advanced analytics.

Written list of all of the Strain Profiles that CannTerp offers

Dot that is beside a title to emphasize the point Flavour-Boosted Strain Profiles

An extra boost of botanical flavour layered overtop of classic strain profiles. These blends are formulated through a combination of sensory analysis and advanced analytics. Flavour Boosted Terpene Strain Profile list of product offerings

Live Resin Infused For to emphasize headerLive Resin Infused

An ultra-premium line of terpenes infused with 100% pure live resin (hemp derived) terpenes. These masterfully blended profiles provide a unique and full flavoured experience at an affordable price.  Live Resin infused product list showing all of the products available for order

All raw materials are tested in an ISO/IEC 17025 accredited laboratory following our Master Product Specifications. Certificate of Analysis (COA) and Safety Data Sheets (SDS) are available for each of the products we sell. Other valuable documentation such as Certificates of Compliance (COC) and Natural Certificates are also available upon request. We leverage our GMP Manufacturing partner True Terpenes to support all of your regulatory needs. 

Our GMP Manufacturing Partner 
True Terpenes Logo showing partnership as our GMP manufacturing partner


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