Terpene Diluent - Viscosity Agent

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Terpene Diluent

Description: this extract diluent is an odourless and tasteless blend of terpenes. It can be blended with any extract to create the perfect consistency for vape liquid.

How to blend: heat your desired extract (rosin, shatter, etc.) over low heat until it is liquified. Slowly add up to 5-10 drops of terpene diluent for each gram/ml of extract used. Blend over low heat until completely combined and the desired consistency is achieved.

*We suggest to not exceed 5-10 drops per gram/ml, or 5-10 drops total combined of: liquid terpenes and terpene diluent, if blending with both*

Smell: Odourless 

Size: 2ml, 5ml, contact us for other sizes

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