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At CannTerp, we have always been drawn to natural products and aim to use them whenever possible. We are passionate about uncovering the abilities of biological sources and finding new, creative ways to use them. Each of our products are handcrafted locally in Halton Hills, Ontario, Canada.

New to terpenes?

We have easy to use profile charts, terpene descriptions and recommendations, so you can effortlessly tailor to your desired experience. Depending on the product and experience you’re looking for, you can choose a single terpene, customize your own personal combination, or choose from one of our specialized blends.

Until recently, terpenes have been widely ignored in the aromatherapy and recreational adult markets. The research continues to increase as the use of therapeutic terpenes expands. The products created by CannTerp harness the power of natural terpenes and aromatherapy, which can affect how we feel -without getting high or can enhance the effects when we are consuming. There is no THC or CBD in any of CannTerp’s products, so you can enjoy the terpenes on their own, or you can choose to use them when ingesting your products to enhance your experience.

Since each terpene has one or multiple distinct effects and aromas, it allows you take control of your aromatherapy and consumption experiences. We are very excited to share CannTerp with you, having found powerful effects from using these products ourselves, we are confident you will love them as much as we do.

Our Product Lines

1. Strain Profiles

Strain Profile Terpene Blends are inspired by your favourite strains. Each strain profile was carefully selected and blended, to provide the same familiar scent, taste and effects of your perfect strains. 

2. Terpene Isolates

Our terpene isolates are sourced from highest quality and they are perfect for mixing in with distillates, oils and tinctures. We offer indicisul isolates or Terptender packs which are perfect to develop your aromatic skills or become your own mixologist. 

3. Terpene Infusion

Terpene Infusion focuses on enhancing the consumption experience. Whether you are smoking, vaporizing, or using any other method, Terpene Infusion products can tailor your high and boost your senses. Take control of your high by selecting your desired expert blend of terpenes, boost your experience. Whether you want to infuse your products for extra taste and smell or add a few drops to your water-smoking device, we are confident that you will find a product to help you ease into sleep or add a boost of energy to your daytime blend.

4. Terpene Aromatherapy

Terpene Aromatherapy is centered around the natural benefits of aromatherapy, through harnessing the therapeutic power of pure terpenes. Curate your experience by selecting a terpene isolate, customizing your own personal terpene combination, or by choosing from one of our specialized blends. Whether you are unwinding while reading a book, or looking for an added boost before going on a hike, put a few drops in your diffuser and boost your senses.

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