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Collection picture showing 100% pure live resin hemp derived  terpene strain profile line with the products in image in a burst ray pattern with a lot of fruit showing flavour and aromatic profiles it also includes key messages

Live Resin Terpenes

100% Hemp Derived Terpenes -This is the product you have been waiting for! 
Our ultra-premium terpene blends are derived directly from C. Sativa (Hemp) plants. Live resin terpenes are extracted from fresh, live flowers and processed immediately after harvest. 
This product delivers the most authentic and comprehensive aromatic and flavour experience out there. Since they are extracted directly from the buds, these terpene blends include esters, aldehydes and flavonoids that round out the other scent, flavour and effects. 


All Products do not contain any THC, CBD, VG, PEG, PG, MCT or any other additives.

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