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Cannabis Infusion

Terpene Infusion

Terpene Infusion focuses on enhancing your consumption experience. Whether you are smoking, vaporizing, or using any other method, Terpene Infusion products can tailor your high and boost your senses.

Take control of your high by selecting your desired expert blend of terpenes, for extra taste, smell and effects to boost your consumption experience. Whether you want to infuse your buds or add a few drops to your water-smoking device, we are confident that you will find a product to help you ease into sleep, or add a boost of energy to your daytime blend.

BudBooster - Terpene Pearls to Infuse Flower

Try adding a pearl or two into the container with your dried flower. These BudBoosters are infused with pure terpenes, which can enhance the scent, taste and effects of your consumption experience.

BongBooster - Liquid Terpenes for Bong Water/Water Pipe

Try adding a few drops of BongBooster terpenes into the water of your apparatus, before using as usual. Increasing the terpenes can enhance the scent, taste and effects of your consumption experience. 

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