Terpene Retail Solutions and Education

Contact us to learn about our solutions for retailers. We help to provide a front-to-back retail solutions around terpenes. We help to educate your staff, and customers by providing an interactive and educational experience for your customers. Terpene awareness is rapidly growing among customers and our retail solutions help you support your customer and bud tenders. 

Key Benefits to our retail Solutions: 

  • Help set-up an Interactive terpene bar within your store for customers. 
  • Automatic monthly replenishments for terpene bar. 
  • Education and training for Budtenders. 
  • Content and collateral for printing. 
  • Adjunct product offerings (Candles, Infusion Pearls, Aromatherapy)
  • Products have proven sell through rates as basket builders.  
  • Wholesale pricing on products 
Contact us: info@cannterp.ca
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