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Should I Boost My Bud or My Bong?

Should I Boost My Bud or My Bong?

There are several ways in which to achieve the pleasant effects from consuming cannabis. One of these methods is by using a bong, called "baung" in the Thai language, which originates as a cylindrical wooden tube, container and pipe made from bamboo, used for smoking cannabis. Of course, the method used for consuming cannabis is important, but the quality of the cannabis is most essential.

It is thanks to certain plant molecules which produce the diverse tastes, scents and effects of different cannabis plants – these are called terpenes. The bud you choose must be of high quality for you to receive the full effects and benefits it offers, which means it must be high in terpenes. If you're looking for cannabis infusion products, with CannTerp’s BudBoosters you can simply infuse the dried cannabis flower with additional terpenes, or use the BongBoosters to add terpenes directly into your bong water before using it.

Increasing the terpene content not only significantly enhances the taste and scent of your cannabis, it also allows you to choose how you want that strain of cannabis to make you feel. There are a many different terpenes to choose from; some with scents of household spices such as ginger, cloves and rosemary which can help you relax, while other types of terpenes are citrusy and energizing. You now have the option to tailor your high and boost the quality of your cannabis by searching for terpenes for sale.

One of the reasons terpenes are so impactful is because they have been known to act on neurotransmitters and receptors. Some types of terpenes can even work like antidepressants, by increasing dopamine activity and the FDA generally considers them as safe. If you want to change or enhance the effects of your cannabis, buy terpenes for sale to take control of your high.

Before harvesting your cannabis, it is important to flush it with plenty of water to promote the terpene content. Also, ensure to harvest your cannabis using the right techniques to capture the fragrant and delicate terpenes, for quality cannabis and a flavourful harvest.

Contact us for pure, plant-derived terpenes that are aromatic, effective, organic and non-GMO. Check out our terpenes for sale for an enhanced experience by boosting your bud, bong or both! Feel the real power of terpenes in your cannabis and experience a higher level of satisfaction.

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