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How can CBD Oil help with anxiety?

How can CBD Oil Help with Anxiety?

Anxiety represents our body’s natural reaction to stress. Overall, it can be viewed as an intense feeling of fear. Several situations can cause such feelings, depending on each individual. Some might experience anxiety before going to a job interview. Others might feel anxious prior to a speech. Still, there are situations in which anxiety is so intense that it lasts for an extended period, and interferes with day to day activities.

A couple of studies done on the effects of CBD oil on anxiety show promising results. Keep in mind that there is a need for additional research to prove the following beneficial effects of CBD oil. Thus, let’s see how can CBD oil aid with anxiety. 

Science is slowly beginning to understand how CBD oil can potentially relieve anxiety, due to the fact that CBD interacts with a number of different receptors in the body, including CB1 receptors and serotonin receptors. 

1. Less anxious feelings as a response to stress

The main benefit of CBD oil for anxiety is the fact that it has the power to decrease the intensity of anxiety symptoms. It was observed that CBD can improve performance anxiety for those suffering from anxiety disorders, or social anxiety disorder.

2. Inclination towards ‘letting go’ feelings

Another interesting effect of CBD oil on anxiety is that it encourages the brain to opt for a ‘letting go’ approach. It was observed that this oil could lessen the symptoms of PTSD and encourage the brain to seek a more positive outlook.

How CBD Oil Teaches Our Brain to Fight Anxiety

Studies suggest that the effectiveness of CBD oil on anxiety comes from its ability to influence neurotransmitters in the brain. Besides, it might encourage neural regeneration, which in turn lessens the symptoms of either anxiety or depression. 

  • CBD oil interacts directly with serotonin production in our brains. This neurotransmitter has several roles, including keeping at bay feelings of distress. As such, CBD oil might be efficient in dealing with anxiety and promoting positive thoughts.
  • The main side effect of chronic stress is damage done to neurons. Still, some areas of the brain can experience regeneration. And, apparently, CBD oil can influence neurons and brain tissue regeneration. Research suggests that CBD boosts neural regeneration in the hippocampus, and prevents the feeling of anxiety from reoccurring.  

Overall, studies show promising results concerning CBD oil and anxiety. Still, additional research is required to pinpoint the exact health benefits it has. Nevertheless, patients tend to experience fewer anxiety symptoms after the regular administration of CBD oil, and it might be efficient in dealing with Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Social Anxiety Disorder, or Post-traumatic Stress Disorder. 

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